Rolling with the Punches

Dang, we sure have dealt with a lot of change over the past year with the pandemic!  Surely we are on our way back to “normal”, but when multiple and difficult changes come our way, how do we roll with the punches?  How do we stay calm and deal with it?  Here are some tips I put together.

1.       Accept it.  We must know that change is inevitable.  If we tell ourselves that we should expect change and not insist things stay as they are, we will be better at rolling with the punches.  Simply accepting that change is part of our existence, helps us not to hang our head every time a small or large change occurs.

2.       Learn and grow.  We need to take each change as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Through facing each new instance, we become stronger.  We become smarter.  We become more resilient.  Those are always valuable characteristics to have.

3.       Know that you are capable.  You have been through many changes and you’ve cleared every hurdle thus far and can deal with the new one in front of you.  You can do it!  It will take a little extra effort and focus just like jumping a hurdle on a track, but it can be done.  Recognize that you have the ability to work through the new change. You are competent and experienced so you can do this!

4.       Acknowledge the difficult. Some new things will be harder to grasp or accept than others. Admitting to yourself that something is difficult and reaching out to others for assistance or a listening ear will make it easier to roll with the punches.

5.       Take care of yourself.  Mentally and physically caring for ourselves with healthy eating, fresh air, movement/exercise, and doing things that we love, will help keep us in a good frame of mind.

6.       Be positive/optimistic.  Change is not always easy.  I am a pessimist by nature so remaining optimistic is particularly hard for me.  However, if I search for the positives or the silver linings in the situation, it makes change easier to digest. How we react to the change can lessen the blow of another transition heading our way.  I encourage you to not only be optimistic yourself, but also surround yourselves with other positive people. 

7.       Encourage one another.  If we lift each other up and encourage one another, it makes change easier especially if we are all navigating it together.  If you know someone is walking through a time of change, reach out through a quick email or text.  A simple GIF to brighten someone’s day or a quote of encouragement or a note of cheer make us all feel so good–the giver as well as the receiver.  It feels nice to know we aren’t alone in the change and that others have our backs.

I know that rolling with the punches is easier said than done.  Our days aren’t always filled with rainbows and butterflies.  There will be hard days and challenges along the way.  If we acknowledge this and look for the good, we will be much better at rolling with the punches that head our way.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.  It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”—Charles Darwin

3 thoughts on “Rolling with the Punches

  1. thanks, Deanne! And even as we look to potential of coming out of the pandemic period, it will be a change–not only from what we’ve adapted to in last year but to new realities. Roll with the punches!


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