Little Did I Know

On March 13, 2020, I went out to lunch with a friend.  We knew that this was our kids’ last day of school for a while because a thing called Coronavirus was spreading across the country.  My son and daughter were told to bring home all of their books, notebooks, etc from school because they were going to be doing school at home for the time being. I truly believed that it would only be a few weeks and the students would return to finish the school year in the classroom.  Little did I know…

The waitress told my friend and I that day that this would probably be one of the last meals we would have out for a while and that restaurants would be changing very soon.  My friend and I rolled our eyes at that thought.  Really?  Is our world actually closing down this much?  I am not one to follow much of the news so little did I know…

Not long after this, my sister-in-law offered to make masks for my family.  I told her, “No thanks, we won’t be needing masks.”  Little did I know…

On March 13, 2020,  I could not imagine that school would be virtual for the remainder of the year.

I could not imagine that restaurants would shut down.

I could not imagine wearing masks.

I could not imagine most of the world working from home.

I could not imagine not being able to get the groceries and supplies that we wanted and needed.

I could not imagine that sports would stop being played, both for my kids and on a national and international level.  No March Madness?  Madness!

I could not imagine not hanging out with my family and friends for nearly a year.

I could not imagine that two people from my family would die from this virus.

Little did I know…

Once I learned more about this pandemic when the world shut down and the fear of this dreaded virus kicked in, I thought I would not be able to finish the book that I am writing because I still needed to interview many more people.  Little did I know that Zoom would become a viable tool to get it done and that I would reach many more people far and wide with this option. 

Before March 13, 2020, I felt time quickly slipping away with my whole family under one roof.  I had limited time with my kids, who were a junior and an 8th grader, and knew that soon I would have my youngsters flying from the nest.  Little did I know that there was plenty of family time to be had (although I quickly learned that hanging out with mom and dad was not on the top of their wish list).

Before March 13, 2020, I often complained that I was too busy.  I was always running here and there with work, errands, groceries, driving to before and after school activities, carpooling for sports, and watching many soccer and basketball games.  Little did I know that it would all come to a screeching halt and I would have ample time to do many things I wanted:  reflect, ponder, read, write, walk, learn, and relax.

Little did I know how the world and my world would be completely changed.

Little did I know that many positives and blessings would come from these hard times.

I know I’m not the only one who was changed for the better in the past year. My hair stylist just told me that she recently went to a pottery place for her first private lesson to “throw clay” and was moved by the experience.  She was delighted in the process of turning a blob of clay into beautiful art that she was proud of.  I told her that it is a good metaphor for life and for life since Covid: to create and find beauty in messes we’ve been given.  

I was able to take the unknown, misshapen, messy blob we were handed on March 13, 2020 and form it into something beautiful, find the benefits in it, and be transformed in the process.

Little did I know.

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