Is It Beautiful? Is It Good?

A new year has rolled around.  Did you make a resolution? I normally do, but this year, I am resolving to keep things simple and that includes not making a resolution.  Too often my to-do list overpowers what is really important in my life, so this year I am merely going to seek beauty and goodness in the world around me and in the troubles I encounter.  I know there is good everywhere, if I open my eyes to find it.  That is something simple I can do that does not feel like an extra task on my ever-lengthening to-do list. In fact, finding the good makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Here are some examples of the beautiful and good things I witnessed and experienced over the past week: 

  • Walking in nature and smiling as the sun brightened the frigid winter day. 
  • Sweet friends surprised us with homemade treats.
  • I marveled at the large snowflakes falling all around me (and I may have twirled and stuck out my tongue to catch a few as they floated down).
  • I relished making memories with my family, especially the seemingly insignificant times together like working puzzles or watching a favorite show.  (Those days are fleeting as a family of four under one roof and I won’t forget that.) 
  • I was perfectly content as my dog napped peacefully on my lap. 
  • I was filled with inspiration, hope, and goosebumps as I listened to Amanda Gorman’s poetry. 
  • A good medical report made me abundantly grateful that each person in my family was healthy. 
  • I rejoiced in answered prayers. 
  • I swelled with pride upon hearing good news.
  • Seeing random acts of kindness in my community warmed my heart. 

The list of the beauty and goodness I found during my week was much longer than anticipated. It is amazing all the good you can find when you look for it. The beauty in these little things is what I savored and want to continue to take delight in all year long. 

If 2020 taught me anything, it is to seek the good and enjoy the simple. That is my plan for 2021. How about you?

One thought on “Is It Beautiful? Is It Good?

  1. Great blog. We should all appreciate the blessings that God has given to us and the prayers that He has answered in the way that we asked. God is good, all the time! Praise His holy name!


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