Watch Out! Maybe Messy Ahead

One cool, breezy day when I was a little girl, my parents took my sister and I to fly kites on my grandparents’ farm. My parents were concerned that if we tried to fly them in our own yard or neighborhood, they would get stuck in an electric line. At the farm, however, there was plenty of room to run with our kites without fear of them getting stuck in a tree or powerline.

My parents led us into the cow pasture to launch our kites all while repeatedly telling us not to step in any cow patties.  Well, when a young child is trying to steer her kite, her full focus is on the soaring toy above her head and therefore, she will not be watching the ground for potential hazards.  The inevitable happened and my sister had dung thickly smeared all over her shoe.

Even though it was a mess for my sister and my parents to deal with, the manure was also something my grandparents put to good use to fertilize their garden.  They grew pretty flowers and a bounty of fresh vegetables to nourish many in our family during the summer and beyond.

My friends, there is a lot of poo all around us right now.  Pile after pile that we are trying to avoid on a daily basis.  We will unfortunately stride right through it unintentionally every now and again while navigating a landmine of crap.  At times I feel knee-deep in noxious excrement.  It can get really messy, unpleasant and, sometimes, downright rank.  The question is, how will we use those missteps to guide us going forward?  Perhaps doing the obvious to avoid the poo, such as not flying a kite in a cow pasture, would be a good first choice.  We can gain insight from our past mistakes and can use the waste, like my grandparents did on their farm, to produce something beautiful and beneficial.  Let’s learn from our trials and grow something good.

2 thoughts on “Watch Out! Maybe Messy Ahead

  1. Enjoyed reading this blog. It brought back good memories on the farm. Growing up there was a lot of hard work but it taught me good work ethics. I can thank my Darling late parents for that. Keep up the good writing. Love you, Mom


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