You are More Than a Soccer Team

The last couple of days have been hell.  If any of you have children that do travel sports, you will totally understand our pain.  My kids had soccer tryouts this week. I have often said it is the worst time of the year and this year, it was particularly torturous for us.  My son got an offer on the first night of tryouts for the same team he had last year so he was happy and thus, we were happy. However, my daughter’s story is not so delightful.  She didn’t get an offer on the first night of tryouts and anyone who has had a child not get an offer for a travel team on the first night, understands the anxiety of the next 24 hours leading up to the second day of tryouts and waiting for an offer.  I was nauseous. I barely slept. I tried my best not to let my nerves show so I would not make her more anxious. We just encouraged her to do her best on day two and told her we were proud of her no matter what. When the offer finally came, it was not with her current teammates/friends.  So hard! So freakin’ hard!


My dearest daughter, life sucks sometimes.  Please stop the negative talk. You are good enough.  You are not horrible or a failure. Don’t doubt yourself.  You are more than a soccer team. You are enough. This is a time for you to figure out if this is going to make you work harder in soccer to obtain your goal of getting back on your old team or if you are going to be content with where you are and focus on basketball or try another sport or even decide to go another direction.  Don’t misunderstand me, I know this hurts. I know you will miss your friends. I know you are extremely upset and disappointed. I pray that in this life that you have more hills than valleys like the one you are walking through now. I pray that when you face disappointment, you will rise, you will gain strength, you will gain perspective, you will learn, and you will grow.

To the parents who have children in travel sports, (I’m really writing this for me, but thought someone may benefit from hearing it too), I know your heart breaks for your child.  You wish you could protect her from all sadness and heartache in life. You will miss her teammates/friends too. You will miss her teammates’ parents as they have become friends after spending hours on the sidelines together.  It will be hard. It will suck. You will cry for you as well as for her. Hide it as best you can for her. Be strong for her. Lift her up. Pray for her. And mama, you are enough too. You are more than a soccer mom.

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